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Online Textbook Access


Gateway Charter Academy has purchased a lot of online resources including online textbooks to enable every student to access these materials at home.  We have attached links to various learning websites that help our students and parents, improve their basic core skills, and gain more information and knowledge.

The following are the textbooks that can be accessed online:  (Click on the textbook title to open the website.)
  1. Macmillan McGraw-Hill Texas Treasures - Reading textbook for Grades K-5.  (Please get your child's username and password from the Reading teacher.)
  2. Macmillan McGraw-Hill Texas Mathematics - Math textbook for Grades K-5.  Use the access codes below to open each textbook: 
  • Texas Mathematics, Grade K(9780021057467) - Access Code:  E95BDDD51E
  • Texas Mathematics, Grade 1 (9780021057481) - Access Code: F9B499A631
  • Texas Mathematics, Grade 2 (9780021057511) - Access Code: A112037BCE  
  • Texas Mathematics, Grade 3 (9780021057559) - Access Code: E467B7A29F
  • Texas Mathematics, Grade 4 (9780021057566) - Access Code: AF9BBBFD38  
  • Texas Mathematics, Grade 5 (9780021059393) - Access Code: C20D73C04E