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When looking at preparing your child today for their success of tomorrow, there is nothing so important as the academic and socioemotional foundation that your child receives. As a committed educational institute, GCA exists to educate our students to become responsible and productive citizens.

We recognize the fact that each individual is created uniquely. Therefore, we strive to create a learning environment that allows the development of these individual characteristics and abilities, and provides opportunities for the individual expression of ones inherent talents and gifts.

Whether your child wants to pursue college or a career field after graduation, we want to provide them the supports to ensure that they are equipped and ready to meet the demands of the world around them.

As such, we do the following daily:

Align our district’s curriculum to the state curriculum requirements, as stated in the Texas Essentials of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) found in the Texas Education Agency’s website; 

Generate clearly stated learning expectations of students; 

Articulate HIGH expectations for all students – strive not just to SATISFY the expectations, but to EXCEED expectations; 

Provide avenues to assess our students’ achievement, and make modifications, as deemed necessary; 

Establish college and career networks and experiences that will provide a solid foundation for a student’s individual interests and aptitudes.

Should you have any questions about your child's education here at Gateway, I encourage you to speak with your child's principal so that we can address your needs.

Roger Jones
Chief Academic Officer