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The Board of Trustees is elected to represent the community’s commitment to a strong educational program for the best interest of our children. Members serve without compensation and must be registered voters.
Current Board Members include:

Frankie Washington, President

Carla Patrick, Vice President

Evelyn Chambers, Secretary

Corey Maples, Member

The Board of Trustees usually meet at 6:00 p.m. the last Thursday of each month in the conference room of the high school campus.
Special meetings may be called when necessary. A written notice of regular and special meetings will be posted on both campuses at each entry door at least 72 hours before the scheduled meeting time. The written notice will show the date, time, place, and agenda of each meeting. In emergencies, a meeting may be held with two-hour notice.
All meetings are open to the public. In certain circumstances, Texas law permits the Board to go into a closed session from which the public and others are excluded.