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We adhere to a NO PASS, NO PLAY policy. Accident coverage is offered to all students who participate in the sports program. Participation in the insurance program is at the parents’ discretion but recommended by the school.

It is required that any students who participates in the Sports program shall provide the school with evidence that he/she has had a complete physical examination within 30 days prior to the beginning of the current school year.

All schools must check grades for all participants at the end of the first six weeks of the school year. From that point, grades are checked at the end of the grading period, whether it is six, nine, or twelve weeks in length. Students who pass remain eligible until the end of the next grading period. All activity coaches and directors are responsible for obtaining official grade reports from the individual the principal designates as the keeper of official grades before the student represents the school. This provision applies to all grading periods. It also applies to all three-school week evaluation periods for ineligible students.

UIL participants are eligible to participate in contexts during the first six weeks of the school year provided thy meet the 4 specified standards.

At the conclusion of the first 6 weeks of school, all UIL participants must be passing with a 70% average or higher in all classes, or a student with disabilities must meet the standards in their IEP.

If students do not meet these standards—they may not participate in extracurricular activities for three school weeks. In ineligible student may practice or rehearse, however.

At the conclusion of the first nine weeks, failing students are monitored at the 3 week mark. Students passing for the 9 week grading period are eligible to play for next 9 week grading period in full. If student fails a nine week period—they are monitored at three school week intervals. Once student received passing grades at a three week interval—they are allowed to play the remained of the grading period without check-up.